Sepa Group



Sepa Oy is a family business established in 1982. During over 25 years of operation we have grown to be the most significant domestic manufacturer of roof trusses in Finland.

In addition to roof trusses we manufacture bridge moulds, wood-concrete composite floors, light-structured slabs, mansard roofs, house frames and fire-safe trusses. Our customer comprise Finland's biggest house manufacturers and building and whole sale companies. In addition we deliver roof trusses to individual builders.

We manufacture over 200 000 roof trusses annually and our domestic market share is approx. 30 %. Our turnover in 2007 was 20 million euros. We employ in our Porvoo and Keitele factories on average 130 people.

We invest in high quality in all of our operations. We are the only roof truss manufacturer in Finland which has been awarded international certificates. We pay also a lot attention to our environmental policy and develop it on a continuous basis. Our principle of operation includes a close co-operation with the research and educational establishments of the trade. Continuous investments into the research and development of the trade increase, on their part, innovation of the company.