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Ledinek Eurozink Compact convinced Sepa Oy


Ledinek Eurozink Compact convinced Sepa Oy

Sepa Oy was founded over 35 years ago. Sepa Oy is specialized in planning and manufacturing of roof-trusses. Sepa Oy product range is including roof trusses and infra product’s such as noise barriers, bridge mouldings and other type special constructions. The main customers are prefabricated building and construction companies as well as wholesalers.

Sepa Oy invested in a KVH production line of Ledinek, Hoce / SI. The plant produces structural timber up to a length of 15 m, mainly for their own needs. The annual production volume is 50,000 m3. The first contact with Ledinek was made by Matti Asumus and Toni Pasma from Mariocon oy.

Sepa Oy also invested in a new semi-automatic production line for the production of roof trusses. A laser shows the position of the wooden components and the nailbinding plates. The employees place the components at the intended position and pre-fix the nailbinding plates. Due to the investment the time of period for the assembly and preparing work is clearly shorten. By implementing the new investments, Sepa Oy will be more competitive in terms of the changing demand at the building Market in Finland and other Nordic countries.

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