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Wood-concrete composite floor

Wood-concrete composite floor

Type approved SEPA 2000 wood-concrete composite floor has been developed as a sound insulating and partitioning floor for wooden apartment buildings. It is well suited also for base floor and roof construction of terraced houses and apartment buildings.

The best aspects of both materials are combined in composite construction SEPA 2000 wood-concrete composite slab: tensile strength and durability of wood and compression strength and massiveness of concrete. Due to its characteristics the construction enables building of noiseless and safe floors to wooden apartment buildings. Wood-concrete composite floor can also act as a structural horizontal stiffening.

Due to unbending and non-moving construction, building of humid spaces in all the storeys of a wooden apartment building is now safer than ever. Due to composite construction, longer span lengths than before are now possible and thus less supporting walls and other structures which limit the architectural design, are needed. A delivery contains truss construction set of beams, softwood plywoods

Wood-concrete composite floor is a type approved product (n:o 71/6221/2000).

Wood-concrete composite floor brochure

For an offer we need the base plan of the building and information of the supporting walls. You can send an offer request with attachments and delivery times via e-mail or fax.