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Process description

Process description

1. Sales

Thanks to our renewed online form for requesting a quote, you can request a quote at any time of day! Our professional sales department will calculate a quote quickly based on the information on the site given by the structure designer. For information on what you should take into account when requesting a truss quote, see under “roof trusses”.


2. Design

Our design department will make the final truss design based on the information given by the structure designer. Ten expert design engineers are at your service, using the latest technology in the field and a design program approved by SFS-Sertifiointi Oy.

Each truss type comes with official truss images and calculations, indicating e.g. poles needed to support buckling.

Please take into account that the main structure design engineer is responsible for stiffening the entire roof.


3. Procuring raw material

Wood procurement

We buy the timber we use from fifteen Finnish sawmills. On the annual level, we use 35,000 m3 of timber, so smooth co-operation with reliable subcontractors is important to us.

Nail plate procurement

In production we use only certified steel nail plates. On the annual level our consumption is about 1.5 million kilos.


4. Strength classification

Timber received from a sawmill is measured, planed down, strength classified and stamped mechanically using our factory's own equipment. We use four different strength grades (C18, C24, C30, C35 and C45). By using this classification we can ensure each time that the timber is suitable for its use. The classification also enables following supplier specific information.


5. Sawing

When assembling truss parts we utilize the latest computer-contolled sawing technology. Production receives measurements for parts in real-time from the design computer system based on the work number.


6. Assembly

Making sets for assembling roof trusses is done using advanced laser technology. In laser-controlled production lines, truss images are transported directly from the design table to production. They are drawn onto the assembly table using laser beams, indicating the locations of the wooden parts and nail plates with the precision of milltimetres. Sepa Oy was the first in the world to develop laser modelling. Due to the laser technology, we are able to avoid human error in assembly measurements, ensuring the high quality of our products.


7. Transportation

High quality roof trusses deserve accurate delivery. We use our own transport system. Close co-operation between sales, production and transportation ensures delivery on schedule. This guarantees punctual deliveries to the work site. Our fleet can accommodate trusses up to 30 metres long.