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Roof Trusses

SEPA roof trusses are always made according to the customer provided dimensions, preferably according to a truss diagram drawn by a building design engineer of the project.

You can send us a truss offer request by filling the Internet form with the requested information on our offer request Web site. You can also send us the truss diagrams via e-mail, fax or mail (contact info at the bottom of the page on the left). With the truss delivery we always include also the official truss drawings and calculations for the authorities.

By noting the following matters you will ensure that your building project will have a high quality roof construction:

  • When designing a roof construction get in touch with your main construction design engineer early enough for obtaining the dimension and loading data for the trusses. Data is used both at the offer stage and in final truss design.
  • Sepa Oy technical assistance can assist the main construction design engineer in problem situations related to truss design.
  • The main construction design engineer of the building project is responsible for the total rigidity of the roof.
  • Truss drawings which accompany the trusses, clarify the possible struts to be supported for buckling.
  • Before the delivery it is worth while to have a look at the storage instructions for trusses in our Web site.
  • You should definitely familiarise yourself with  the installation and handling instruction accompanied with the truss delivery or to be found in our Web site (in Finnish only).

>>Roof truss brochure (in Finnish only)