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Since 2014, Sepa Oy has suplied bridge mouldings to more than 900 bridge constructions. During this time, we have manufactured more than 100,000 m² of noise barriers. We are the market leader in Finland for these products.

Here are some of the sites where we have participated in the construction work:

Bridge Mouldings


  • Tampere Deck Arena, Tampere (mould formwork for the deck)
  • Saimaa Canal railway bridge, Lappeenranta (mould formwork and column clamps)
  • Bridge 4F Kiruna (mould formwork)
  • Mansikkakoski railway bridge, Imatra (mould formwork)
  • Vt-5 main road Mikkeli–Juva (mould formwork for frame bridges)
  • S10 Jokeri Light Rail, Helsinki (mould formwork)
  • S110 Jokeri Light Rail, Helsinki (mould formwork)
  • Bridge 403,409, 412 Gothenburg Sweden(mould formwork)
  • Emäkoski Bridge, Nokia (mould formwork and arched support trestle-work)
  • Valtari project, Lahti southern ring road (trestle-work)
  • S7 and S9, Lahti southern ring road (trestle-work)


  • Vekaransalmi Bridge, Sulkava (column mould clamps and mould formwork)
  • Vårdö Bridge, Åland Islands (mould formwork)
  • Vuosaari Bridge, Helsinki (mould formwork)
  • Tärttämäki Bridge, Äänekoski (mould formwork)
  • Olympic Stadium, Helsinki (mouldwork for light shafts)
  • Lahti southern ring road (frame bridges)


  • Jännevirta Bridge, Siilinjärvi/Kuopio (column moulds and mould formwork)
  • Kalasatama Redi, Helsinki (mould formwork)
  • Leipäniemi Bridge, Kuopio (mould formwork)
  • Laitaatsalmi Bridge, Savonlinna (column mould clamps and mould formwork)
  • Yllebro i Partille, Gothenburg Sweden (mould formwork)
  • Luumäki–Lappeenranta motorway (trestle-work)


Siltatyömaa, referenssi




Noise barriers


  • LUIMA/Saimaa Canal railway bridge (absorbing, low-height railway noise barrier)
  • Improvement of Tillola–Keltti grade-separated interchange (reflective noise barrier)
  • Turku ring road (noise barriers)


  • VT-4 main road Kello–Kempele (noise barriers)
  • VT-4 Rantsila main road (noise barriers)
  • VT-25 main road, Tynninharju, Lohja (wooden latticework