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Our new electronic form for requesting a quotation enables you to request a quotation from us any time of the day, or night! Our professional sales department calculates a quotation for you quickly in accordance with the initial data provided by the site’s structural design engineer. Refer to the section on roof trusses to see what information needs to be included in the request for a truss quotation.


Our engineering department performs the final truss engineering on the basis of initial data provided by the structural design engineer.

Our expert design engineers are at your service. They utilise design software approved by SFS-Sertifiointi Oy, as well as state-of-the-art technology.

Each truss type will be accompanied by official truss diagrams and calculations which provide information on, for example, any struts requiring buckling support.

Please note that the main structural engineer of the site is responsible for the overall stiffening of the roof.

Procurement of raw material

Timber procurement: We purchase the sawn timber we use from reliable domestic cooperation partners.

Nail plate procurement: In our production, we only use steel nail plates which have received official approval.


The dried timber arriving from the sawmill is regularized, planed, stress-graded and stamped using machines in our factory. We utilise strength grades C18–C45. The strength classification enables us to ensure that the timber is always suited for the relevant purpose of use. Classification also enables the monitoring of supplier-specific information.


The manufacturing of truss components utilises the latest computer-controlled sawing technology. The dimensioning data is imported in real time for the production directly from the engineering information system on the basis of a job number.


Sawing patterns for making roof trusses is performed using laser technology. On the laser-controlled production lines, the truss drawings are transported directly from the design table to production. Diagrams are drawn on the assembly desk with laser beams, indicating the locations of the wood components and nail plates with the precision of millimetres. Due to the laser technology, we are able to minimise human error in the assembly measurements, thus ensuring the high quality of our products.


High-quality roof trusses deserve a punctual delivery. This is why we use our own transport arrangement system for our deliveries. Tight cooperation between sales, production and transportation ensures reliable delivery times. This quarantees punctual deliveries to the work site. Our fleet can accommodate trusses up to the length of 30 metres.

For more information, see: Delivery times for trusses

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