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On this page, we have gathered some instructions to guide you in the correct and safe handling of our products. If you have any questions or require other instructions, please get in touch with your contact person at Sepa.

Truss delivery without recipient

Truss delivery, recipient present at site

Instructions for receiving and storing roof trusses

Roof trusses are delivered to the construction site on a full-trailer or semitrailer combination truck and a direct access route must be arranged for the truck at the site.

The delivery can be unloaded quickly on prefabricated platforms. Loading pallets at both ends form a very suitable platform.

For smaller truss bundles, it is good to reef some beams for support.

Roof trusses of under 18 metres in length are unloaded using the unloading equipment in the truck. Depending on the truck type and the size of the truss bundle, the reach of the lifting equipment is 5–7 metres. Our drivers unload the delivery on the prepared platform on a marked, level location. Note: With truss lengths in excess of 18 metres, the unloading of the trusses must be agreed upon separately.

The roof trusses are bundled together using iron hoops. The width of the bundle is usually less than one metre (the width of one truss is approximately 5 cm).

Immediately following delivery, the bundles are supported in an upright position so that they will not fall. However, a sufficient ventilation gap under the trusses must be ensured. If truss installation is delayed, they must be protected from rain.

Instructions for supporting the nail-plate structures

The handling, installation, fastening and support of the nail-plate structures must be implemented in accordance with plans approved by the construction site’s responsible structural design engineer or, at the very least, in accordance with the general principles of the appended instructions for truss support.

The superior in charge of the construction site is responsible for supervising that the plans and instructions for truss support are adhered to. The superior in charge must complete the inspection form for the installation work appended to the instructions, and this form will then be appended to the inspection review document for the construction work (the Finnish Act and regulations on land use and building MRL 150§ and MRA 77§ and RakMk A1 building regulation).

Download the instructions for handling and storing roof trusses here